Sunday, July 27, 2008

Women's Plaza of Honor

You may have seen me in an earlier post riding a Segway on this spiral... This plaza was built after my UofA days and I didn't realize until today that the Plaza extended all the way down between the Centennial Hall and Arizona State Museum buildings.

I was in the area and decided to take a long campus walk to get some exercise and take a few snaps. I turned down the above sidewalk and was pleasantly surprised. Interesting art, designs, plants, tiles, fountains -- all in a peaceful environment honoring the contributions of women of the world.

Three peaceful fountains

Lots of benches to sit on; tiles down the center with meaningful quotes. I took pictures of a few below (click on pictures below for closer views).

After I got home I hit the web and found that the University of Arizona has a good 4 minute video covering the dedication and purpose of the Women's Plaza of Honor. Nicely done.

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