Sunday, January 13, 2008

Touch the Wind

Why did I name my blog "touchwind"?

There is a great song by Tish Hinojosa,
"Everything You Wish", which I feel captures the spirit of what we see when we look into other people's eyes, as well as a lot of animal's eyes, back past the defenses.

Part of her song's lyrics are:

There's some things we cannot see,

but we feel and we believe;

Touch the wind and you will know what I mean;

There's a story in your eyes,

there's a dream down deep inside;

Where the moonlight shines on sweet memories";

-- Tish Hinojosa (from "Everything You Wish")

I really think these lyrics capture the spirit of what we all sometimes see when looking into eyes and past the surface. I also think of this song when I'm out hiking and feel the wind or a breeze and feel like I'm not just on, but a part of this living organism we call Earth. Hence "Touch the Wind". was already taken, so that's why mine is just named

Which brings us to my blog's title picture... I took the title picture in the summer of 2007 while visiting friends up on the Oregon Coast. This shot was taken during a solo hike on the Cape Lookout Trail which heads out on a high peninsula looking back toward the southeast. This is a very scenic trail with great views of shoreline and steep drops down to the Pacific. The end of the trail is great spot to watch for passing whales. A great place to reach out and touch the wind...

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  1. I get it now. I love the title of your new blog!!! I love the picture!!! And I know who your friends are... Mija and Tiger!!! Your "bestest" & smelliest buddies in the world, right?

    I miss you and wish you were here hiking right now. I need to continue reading your new blog.


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