Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I always enjoy this huge flag flying over a car dealership on a hilltop approaching Prescott, AZ.

I'm proud of our country, very happy and grateful that I live here, but concerned for where we are headed.

I spotted this shipping container a while back in Tucson. Wow! I'm sure the intent was a totally patriotic display, but one could read a lot into this if one chose to. I so choose...

  • What's locked up inside that used to be outside?
  • If shipped to another country, would they be able to create a democracy?
  • If shipped to our country, would our leaders be able to recreate our democracy from scratch?
  • Where is it going? Where has it been?
  • Would the founders of our country recognize it?
  • Will our grandchildren recognize it?
  • Why is it in public view, and locked?
  • Would it be better if painted entirely Red? Blue?
  • Doesn't it need wheels, an engine, and a driver if its ever going to go anywhere new?
  • Who does it belong to, and why is there a fence around it?
  • Is it going to get cared for and repainted, or allowed to rust?
  • Will it get sold to make a buck today, but then be gone tomorrow?
  • How many boxes of food would this hold? Guns? Books? Medicine?

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