Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hubbell Trading Post old farm equipment

Here are a few snaps that I took in July of old farm equipment sitting behind the Hubbell Trading Post in northern Arizona. It was nice to see them in the open, sitting more or less where they might have been when they were in use by the Trading Post.

This also illustrates one of the no-win trade offs faced when dealing with historic items found outside: Do we leave objects where found, allow them to age and decay naturally over time, and let visitors experience them in their normal environment while they last? Or, do we whisk them far away from where they were found and put them in sterile environments, on concrete floors, where their structure is preserved but spirit lost? Probably some combination of the two is best...


  1. I like them where they were once used sitting as if someone may come along and use them again.... I dont do well with sterile enviroments!!Lol Okay I will have to admit it would probably be okay If a few were in the sterile enviroments!!
    Cool pictures!!

  2. Fascinating collection of old farm equipment sitting outdoors. I like the unusual viewpoint on #12 which makes it look like abstract modern art. The lighting in the last one provokes a nostalgic feeling.

  3. Good question.
    I like seeing the old farm equipment out in it's original enviroment. I see from these photos that whoever is in charge of them is trying to make it somewhat 'sterile' by placing stones by the wheels and hitches. ha.

  4. What a fabulous collection. Fine pictures, too.

  5. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your comments!

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