Friday, June 5, 2009

Weird Plants

I stopped by the member's preview this afternoon of Tucson Botanical Gardens Weird Plant Sale being held Saturday from 8 to 12. Lots of area plant growers selling interesting plants.

I really liked this one. Looks like a bunch of small jade slabs arranged in a sculpture. Someone else beat me to it but was kind enough to hold it up for a picture. Its a Haworthia truncata (if you follow the link you will see one that looks like a pre-chopped bell pepper!). This plant somehow reminded me of the flagstone sculpture found in the Prescott's Yavapai College Sculpture Garden.

Cool orange glow effect from the orange spines on this one.

bent spines produce a weird look compared to the more common surgically straight needles found on our native prickly pear cacti

The one on the right looks like it could have grow on the floor of a dark, damp cave

plants sometime dream of flying... or crawling...

a nice collection of different types of living rocks

These are the two that decided to hitch a ride home with me. The one on the right produces some odd looking red flowers that hummingbirds will like. The one on the left is a Senecio vitalis and the one on the right is a Pedilanthus macrocarpus. Or you can call them Fred & Wanda.


  1. Those are some fantastic plants, Warren.

  2. I noticed the ones you picked didn't have any spines-the orange-spined one in the top, I used to have one like it, and I called it the "evil cactus" because anytime I got near it I would end up with a zillion teeny itchy orange spines in my skin. I have one small barrel-type cactus now that I could "pet" without injury. My kind of cactus! Great pix!


  3. Catalyst -- thanks!

    KiniaCat -- thanks, its easy to get pictures when we live in this art gallery called Earth!

    Tree -- I know what you mean, I've got several highly opinionated plants at home (they are always trying to get their point across).

  4. A splendid collection there, Warren. Some are quite scary.

  5. grannyj -- thanks. I don't get scared of them until I try to spell, pronounce, or remember their scientific names... :^)

  6. Oh gosh I have a lot to learn about plant life in AZ. These are some weird one indeed!

    Enjoyed your post. I do a weekly post called 'weird object friday'

  7. Jen -- lots of plant diversity here, and and lot of plants do very well in our environment. These particular plants aren't area natives, but do well here.


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