Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tucson Jewish Community Center Sculpture Garden

"Serenity" by Beth Bloch (2006, Bronze)

I really like this sculpture "Serenity" in the Jewish Community Center's (JCC) sculpture garden! Very impressive! I read in the paper that they had a grand opening of the sculpture garden last weekend, and was very fortunate have the time to be able to drop in for a visit today.

To visit, just go in the main building entrance to the front desk and ask to visit their sculpture garden (which is accessed from the inside). I was really glad I stopped by, a lot of impressive art here. Some are permanent collections, some on loan, and a number that will be there for 10 months and then replaced with others. Well worth the stop! Its free (although I left an unsolicited small donation at the front desk on by way out).

Here are a few photos I took along the way... I haven't included everything that's there so there will be some fresh sights should you get a chance to visit.

"Sharing A Story" by Marie-Pierre Phillpe-Lohezic

"Ellipsoid I" by Gary Slater (2008, Copper & Glass)

waiting to be placed in the garden, nice shadows...

"Freedom Fighter" by Robert I Russin (1990)

"Liza" by Glenna Goodacre (1996, Bronze)

"i am so glad" by Craig LeCroy (2009, pumice stone)

foreground: "Tribe of Zebulun" by Manuel Alvarez (2009, Persian Travertine)
background: "Lyrical Connection" by Moira Geoffrion (1995-98, Broze)

"Grief" by Edward Fleming (2003, Marble)

"Neith" by David Mazza (2005, Steel)

"Ryoken" by Alexander Smith (2008, Steel with Patina & Paint)

and I have to include a few pictures of the massive sculpture at the main entrance to the JCC

lots to reflect on here, very impressive


  1. Thank you for this! We are very proud of the new JCC Sculpture Garden, and you have captured the beauty of the garden exquisitely.

    Marty Johnston
    JCC Communications Specialist

  2. Beautiful pictures! It looks like quite a variety of subjects, styles and materials. Thanks for the info, I hope to visit the JCC Sculpture Garden sometime. :)

  3. Marty -- Thank you all at the JCC for sharing these sculptures with the rest of the Tucson community! Nicely done!

    Diane -- Thanks! You're right, a nice variety of styles and materials, you should definitely stop in sometime when you are in the area.

  4. Lovely pictures. My sis lives in Tucson and we visit her at least once a year, so we will try to see this in person on our next stop.

  5. I hope you'll make it possible for those outside of Tuscon to appreciate your collection via an online/virtual garden. I would love to see more images and hear more about the artists and how they were selected for the jcc.



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