Saturday, July 5, 2008

#37 Desert Museum on a Saturday night

As another new-to-me thing, I went out to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum on a Saturday night. During the summer they are open until 10 PM on Saturdays, although some animal exhibits are closed so as not to disturb animals that need their sleep. I've been to this excellent zoo many times, but never at night before. I didn't take many animal pictures this round, just enjoyed the evening, wandered around, and relaxed.

A nice sunset and gathering clouds for what would turn out to be another good lightning show.

I thought I saw a putty cat! When I'm out here during the day, the cats are all sleeping lazily. But wow, come evening and they get a whole new demeanor. I'm being looked at. Intently. Time to move along...

Before sunset I passed by these Joshua Trees. Where's Dr. Seuss?

I wonder if this giraffe is looking for the organ pipe concert?

I wound up later in the evening sitting on a patio watching distant lightning strikes as storms rolled across the desert. It felt good to just sit out and breath in the cool breeze pushed out by the distant thunderstorms.

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