Monday, April 20, 2009

mam moth

This is a giant moth inside the Tucson Botanical Gardens butterfly aviary last week. Wingspan of 8-9 inches, abdomen at least as big as my thumb. Big.

I wonder if they prey on sheep? *smile* I know if I was wearing a wool coat and saw one of these I'd be running for cover!


  1. That's a beaut! Is it a native -- or an exotic? I've seen biggies with about 6" wing span show up on my screens at night during the monsoons, but nothing that big.

    Jabberwocky meme note: Your captcha word today is otlimons meaning, I presume, Jamaican fellows who behave in strange ways.

  2. grannyj -- I think it is an exotic. One thing for sure, its large!

  3. Definately exotic. I photographed this species in a rainforest in Central Thailand. It, also, was huge.


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