Saturday, October 3, 2009

GLOW, unplugged (3/3)

While wandering around the GLOW festival looking at all the illuminated art, it was easy to miss some of the year-round art sitting in the dark along the path. Time to turn on my camera's flash and take a few snaps into the surrounding darkness to see what lurks out there. Turns out, some pretty cool stuff...

"found art" / "found junk?", lit by my flashlight, sitting in the dark next to a building

more a GLOW in Oracle (2/3)

An unfortunate choice of night for this saucer to land and attempt first contact with earthlings. We didn't realize it wasn't part of the GLOW festival until it lifted off and went skyward... No doubt they thought us rude.

A GLOW musician playing fiddle by the light of a headlamp.

These were spinning wheel lamps, "cycle delic"

Looking up into the sky at the ranch windmill. Looked like it was intercepting a night rainbow!

GLOW 2009, Oracle, AZ (1/3)

I had a fun time last night at the Triangle L Ranch in Oracle attending GLOW with friends. GLOW is an annual multimedia art event held during a full moon in the town of Oracle (north of Tucson). Dozens of artists set up illuminated art out in the desert and people wander around enjoying the art and live music under the night sky. GLOW is being held October 2 & 3rd this year.

This was really cool, stained glass and cut out metal, about 6 feet tall. This would make a striking entrance to a house entryway!

wine bottle electrics...

the way a tea party should be held...

This Mad Hatter's Tea Party looks small in the picture, but was really quite large extending back maybe 20 feet or so into the desert. The stack of tea cups might have been 4 or 5 feet high.

Strange things out in the desert... This large creature was quite tall, kind of looked like a cross between a cat and a man. Quite impressive.

and it was made out of cardboard

3-D faces

one of several propane fueled fire artworks along the path

a ranch shed lit up nicely

abandoned refrigerator with lava lamp

a blacksmith was still working into the night at the ranch

one building had several interior illuminated art exhibits

a large bird along the outside path with a microphone that would convert your voice into twitters and tweets played out of a nearby speaker.

fun little shadow puppet show

another propane fueled piece of art