Saturday, July 5, 2008

#36 got rid of some old flammables

I stopped by the Eastside City Hall's once a month household hazardous waste drop off point today for the first time. Much more convenient than driving across Tucson to the weekly drop off location. I noticed that the entrance to the Eastside City Hall has some pretty neat art made from glass, steel, and tile. The picture above is of art decorating the side of a metal bicycle locker box.

I dropped off half a can of white gas for a backpacking stove that I haven't been using for years, several flammable solvents that have been sitting too long unused in my garage, and some outdated propane cylinders for my barbecue and car camping.

Its convenient to have this nearby satellite drop off location. I'll definitely be using it again in the future to get rid of leftover flammables as well as things like burnt out fluorescent bulbs (mercury inside).

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