Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving day today! Here are a couple of quick snaps from the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum today, including the very healthy turkey above.

"Now that was a lot of food!"

"man, I really wolf'ed down that meal..."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tucson Jewish Community Center Sculpture Garden

"Serenity" by Beth Bloch (2006, Bronze)

I really like this sculpture "Serenity" in the Jewish Community Center's (JCC) sculpture garden! Very impressive! I read in the paper that they had a grand opening of the sculpture garden last weekend, and was very fortunate have the time to be able to drop in for a visit today.

To visit, just go in the main building entrance to the front desk and ask to visit their sculpture garden (which is accessed from the inside). I was really glad I stopped by, a lot of impressive art here. Some are permanent collections, some on loan, and a number that will be there for 10 months and then replaced with others. Well worth the stop! Its free (although I left an unsolicited small donation at the front desk on by way out).

Here are a few photos I took along the way... I haven't included everything that's there so there will be some fresh sights should you get a chance to visit.

"Sharing A Story" by Marie-Pierre Phillpe-Lohezic

"Ellipsoid I" by Gary Slater (2008, Copper & Glass)

waiting to be placed in the garden, nice shadows...

"Freedom Fighter" by Robert I Russin (1990)

"Liza" by Glenna Goodacre (1996, Bronze)

"i am so glad" by Craig LeCroy (2009, pumice stone)

foreground: "Tribe of Zebulun" by Manuel Alvarez (2009, Persian Travertine)
background: "Lyrical Connection" by Moira Geoffrion (1995-98, Broze)

"Grief" by Edward Fleming (2003, Marble)

"Neith" by David Mazza (2005, Steel)

"Ryoken" by Alexander Smith (2008, Steel with Patina & Paint)

and I have to include a few pictures of the massive sculpture at the main entrance to the JCC

lots to reflect on here, very impressive

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 Tucson All Souls Procession (3/3)

it seemed like everyone had a camera and was in the picture of someone else...

Drummers in the procession provided a strong and lively beat that added a lot to the procession, especially during times when it moved along slowly.

no doubt representing a pet that was a past family member

please, please tell me this guy doesn't miss Disco! Disco is dead. Disco get down, and stay down.

biting my political commentary tongue, ow!

looking backward at our procession going through the new 4th Ave underpass as we head downtown toward the site of the grand finale

a lot of photo ops looking out at the bystanders watching along the route...

a very photogenic couple

Looking skyward at members of the locale pyrotechnic theatre group Flam Chen performing while dangling from a large construction crane during the grand finale. [unfortunately the conditions of the finale really challenge my capabilities with my handheld point & shoot camera, so not a lot of pics to share here... sorry 'bout that.]

Remember the Urn full of remembrances? Here it is on fire being hosted skyward by a construction crane into the night sky.

I really enjoyed this year's All Souls Procession and can't wait until November 2010 rolls around. I think the non-profit organizers do an incredible job with this event. This is really an amazing event and one that is hard to describe.
[I managed to get some better pictures and a short video of last year's finale which you can find over on my blog here]

2009 Tucson All Souls Procession (2/3)

Its clear that women have an advantage when it comes to face painting...

A lot of creativity goes into some of the push/pull carts. These two really used their head.

ah, did I mention music? mixed into the crowd were a number of groups playing music such as this young group of mariachis.

every procession needs a chairman and a chairwoman

a number of people carried pictures of dearly departed ones

In memory of the Tucson Citizen, a long-time local evening newspaper that went out of business recently... Note the headline on the last issue of the the paper, another much earlier headline, and of course the coffin being carried...

in memory of "Macho B" a jaguar that died after being accidently captured in a game and fish mountain lion trap. This event stirred a lot of emotions locally since jaguars are very rare here.