Friday, July 4, 2008

#35 Watched the "A" Mountain fireworks

I've watched fireworks at several places in Tucson and Arizona over the years, but never at the main city sponsored one on A Mountain until tonight. Everyone waiting for the fireworks got to watch lightning in the rain for a while -- it really helped cool down the evening temperature and was a nice bonus.

A very nice show. I tried my hand at taking some snaps of the action. I thought my handheld Canon G9 P&S did a pretty nice job (set in "fireworks" scene mode). Now if only the camera operator could time when to press the shutter... Especially during the finale... *smile*

Tonight's fireworks celebration was delayed by about an hour, starting around 10 pm. It was sad to see a number of families with small children giving up and driving away early -- how disappointing for the kids.


  1. Thanks for the nice pictures of the A Mountain fireworks. I've lived here in Tucson for 18 years off-and-on and have never once left my house on Fourth of July. Last night I was asleep by sundown! Anyway, I just discovered your blog and find it a real kick to see photos of the things that you see that I also see, and read about places you go that I also I go. Tucson bloggers rock!

  2. shy-smiley -- thanks for the comment! cheers -- Warren


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