Sunday, August 24, 2008

impressive roadwork

This is part of the new Interstate-10 frontage road at one of the highway overpasses being rebuilt at Congress/I10. I think they are going to paint the relief work, but it would do nicely left as-is too, don't you think? The highway construction planners have been putting in a lot of various designs of artwork along the frontage roads -- very nicely done, can't wait to see the entire stretch once it is all completed!

a closer view of the rightmost part of the first picture...

flightless bird?

This bird-like building is the Tucson Northwest Neighborhood Center located over by 6th Avenue and Grant Road. Very cool design! [I have my doubts about their landscape design -- as those trees get larger the effect of the building design will diminish.]

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Impressive Prescott Mural

This is an outstanding mural located next to the downtown parking garage in Prescott, AZ. A LOT going on in this mural! Great work!

new over past

I drove by this highway construction site at the overlap of highways 89 and 69 entering Prescott this weekend. I was struck by how much this area looked not only like new construction, but also like some distant future archaeological dig, uncovering long lost mysterious symbols and shoring up fragile walls as the ancient site is slowly uncovered.