Sunday, July 13, 2008

(#41) back to work... but first some eats...

So, postcards in the mail, my staycation is over and its time to head back to work in the morning.

I had an enjoyable and relaxing week. I was surprised at how many chores and weekday errands I was able to kick out. Accomplished a lot, but still had a vacation -- nice!

One thing I had hoped to do was try out some new restaurants outside of my usual favorites.

I tried five restaurants as a "new to me" thing (#41):

Ocotillo Cafe (at Desert Museum): I had an outstanding Filet Mignon. I thought the menu pricing was on the high side, definitely won't be on my normal rotation, but an excellent dinner. I'll be back, but not often.

Brawley's Restaurant: Open for breakfast and lunch only, this place always seems to have a line of people waiting to get inside. I had a very good basic country breakfast for a ridiculously low price.

Casbah: This restaurant is an organic vegetarian restaurant down on 4th Ave. Eco-friendly too -- they apparently compost their table scraps. I had a tasty vegetarian cheese steak sandwich outside under their gypsy tent with a light rain tapping at the canvas, very relaxing. I need to make it back here to try their vegi - fajitas.

Cafe Jasper: I stopped by here for breakfast, interesting menu. I had french toast stuffed with banana slices and an orange sauce. I'll be back here to sample more things on the menu, perhaps lunch some weekend.

Miss Saigon: This is a Vietnamese restaurant over by the UofA. Outside appearance is very basic, interior is really nice. I ordered a coconut curry grilled chicken dish that came with rice and very thinly sliced lettuce. Outstanding! I'll be back here next weekend (smile).


  1. love your blog-found it in the moving list of recently updated blogs a week or so ago.
    glad you had a good staycation!


  2. anonymous -- thanks for the comment! I did have a nice time off. cheers -- Warren


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