Sunday, October 28, 2012

spider window

10/28/2012, near 4th Ave on 7th St, Tucson, Arizona

Sunday, October 21, 2012

watching the afternoon go by

This friendly cat was casually watching folks work on floats Saturday afternoon as they prepared for the upcoming All Souls Procession.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tucson Zombie Walk 2012

 After feeling like much of a zombie myself for much of last week, I headed downtown Saturday night to watch the annual Tucson Zombie Walk, take a few pictures, and listen to some great bands playing out on the streets of Tucson.  The zombies above were particularly good models of the way the evening would turn out...

 A very well organized event, considering that there was a mix of zombies, zombie hunters, and civilians all in the streets at the same time.

What do you mean the market dropped another 10 points?

 I love the look of the child in the stroller above -- surrounded by zombies, but has the kind of look that says: "sure, zombies are a problem.  But what are we going to do to save Big Bird?".

 Some zombies exercise more restraint than others...

 Tucson has three very different events this time of year: The Zombie Walk which is a fun reenactment of the many zombie movies and a chance to dress up (down?) in gore.  Then there is Halloween which is a mix of costumes, candy, and commercialism.  And finally coming up in November, my favorite, the All Souls Procession which a procession of remembrance and celebration of those who have left us -- also lots of makeup, but in a non-gory, non-commercial style modeled somewhat after Dia De Los Muertos.

 The Zombie containment area outside the MLK Apartments at the start of the evening.

Tucson's Second Saturday monthly event was also taking place downtown with lots of great music being played around town.  I really enjoyed listening to some great classic rock covers by Five Way Street on the main stage set up outside on Scott Avenue.  I'll definitely have to catch this band again!

 The final band on the main stage, very fitting for Zombie Walk, were The Mission Creeps.  I always enjoy this band when I run into them -- "A scary good time".  They are in a unique genre that kind of combines elements of Surf music/The Doors/Horror.  Here's a YouTube video of them playing "Any Good Zombie".

Perhaps there is hope after all...?

Here is a Flickr slideshow of my full set of pictures from last night.  [click bottom right icon to expand to full screen if desired].

Here's the URL to the same picture set, no slideshow:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

cutting conduit

Nice effect as a worker cuts through metal conduit pipe in the early evening tonight.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jim Click's Run N Roll 2012 at UofA campus

This was a busy day.  I needed to be at work for a scheduled systems maintenance window at 8 AM today, but it just so happened that the Jim Click Run 'N' Roll race that I had wanted to take a few pictures at was being held on campus with a first start time of 7:30 AM.  I was able to take pictures of the Wheelchair race start, the 8K run start, the 3K fun run start and even snap few pics on my rush to get to my office.  Sometimes things just fall into place.

It looked like everyone had a great morning.  I'm not a runner, but it seemed like a really nice/interesting course that snaked around and through the UofA campus.

Here's a slide show of my full set of photos on Flickr (click bottom right to enlarge to full screen)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phainopepla on a wall

I really like this parking lot mural in downtown Tucson that features a Phainopepla, a local bird that I occasionally see flycatching from trees in my backyard.

Speaking of things that fly, you've got to check out this YouTube video of some impressive synchronized kite flying set to music.  I suggest watching all the way to the end.