Thursday, July 10, 2008

#40 show a little spine, will ya?

I've biked and driven past the Tanque Verde Greenhouses many, many times and always thought I should stop in sometime and look around. Just never seemed to happen. But I'm on a staycation this week and looking for new things to do, so today was the day!

They specialize in only cacti and succulents. I thought the health and varieties of their cacti were better than that found in garden center nurseries which specialize in traditional flowers...

I really liked this cactus!

This is a Pachypodium. I don't know its common name, so I'll make one up: "Elephant Lectern".

Warm fuzzies, anyone?

Four different columnar cacti, side by side. Very cool.

These guys were like puppies: "pick me, pick me"

Hey, get away from me with those candles!

Every staycation needs some souvenirs, right? I picked out these three and had them potted on the spot since they had a good cacti soil/sand mix on premise, ready to go. So my new patio plants are, from left to right: a Pachypodium, a Echinocactus (Crested Golden Barrel), and a Euphorbia trigona.

This place is definitely worth a stop if you find yourself on the east side of Tucson. They are on the south side of Tanque Verde, east of Houghton Rd. Interesting plants here!


  1. Are all of those North American cacti, or does this nursery also feature some exotics, such as from S. Africa or S. America?

  2. granny j -- They seem to have a mix of plants, including some exotics from distant lands. I believe the pachypodium is native to Africa and the Golden Barrel, which we see used so much in Arizonan desert landscaping, is native to Mexico.


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