Sunday, July 20, 2008

advanced fledgling wall art

The wall of this house is along Tucson's busy Broadway Blvd (@ Bryant Street). I've enjoyed what I could see out of the corner of my eye zipping past it, but never could look closely at it. Today I was taking a few mural pics to submit to the Tucson Mural Project and decided to park and walk to take a closer look. The artist has really created a great work of art here. I like the terra cotta roofing tiles capping the wall (although the cats in my neighborhood would disapprove -- they like using the wall tops as their own personal highways).

nice mix of common area birds and plants

you gotta love the dog/gate theme!

and it seems today is the day for pictures of nesting doves (see earlier post)


  1. If I weren't cool while you are hot, I'd be drowning in jealousy of the wonderful visual world you live in in Tucson! You've presented some absolutely smashing houses, as well as other more public art works.

  2. granny j -- Thanks, I'm glad you've enjoyed them! Just trying to keep my eyes open when I'm out and about...

  3. This is my favorite house in Tucson!
    I have watched it for years and years and was delighted when the current owners took possession, lovingly fixed the place up, and decorated it.
    Too fun!!
    You have a good eye and excellent taste, Sir!!


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