Friday, July 4, 2008

#34 stay what? staycation!

I decided to give moving around a rest this time and take a staycation -- a new and growing fad for many reasons, not the least of which is gas and airfare prices. But a good and challenging idea! So I decided to stay put for a week, catch up on house chores, eat some good food, read some good books, try some new things, try some old things, relax.

I started out the day with a lunch of fresh grilled vegis and chicken at the Eclectic Cafe and then headed off to home depot for supplies for some of my house projects.

Interesting concept, a staycation... A great chance to get caught up in the routine backlog, but also a challenge to break the routine and enjoy new and different things in very familiar settings.

To help set the mood, I've:
  • set my out of office messages on work voice mail and e-mail
  • requested my post office mail held (why get bills and junk mail on vacation?)
  • unplugged the television (when I'm traveling, I'd see the sights, not watch the tube)
  • actually done some research and made a list of house projects, potential things to do, places to see (I'm not listing that here because I reserve the right to change course at any time -- I'm on vacation after all)
Yes, I've even intend to confound some of my friends by sending them postcards from Tucson. *grin*

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