Sunday, November 23, 2008

#61 BICAS silent auction of bicycle art

Tonight I went down to the BICAS silent auction held down in the Lost Barrio. Pretty cool event -- lots of interesting art made from salvaged bicycle parts. This is an annual fundraising event for BICAS with lots of artists donating bicycle related art. I had never heard of this organization before last week, seems like a good group.

This plant is made of lots of bicycle forks, chain rings, a wheel, and fenders. This particular piece was made by Ned Egen (see my previous post of Ned's truck art). It really casts some nice shadows.

A train made of chopped up bicycle parts

arf, arf, don't sit on me!

May be the same bird that was at 4th Ave last week, but nesting here. Strong beak -- it's nest is made of bicycle spokes

a vintage bike, nice chainring!

They had one wall painted black so kids and folks could draw their own...

Several different performers entertained while the crowd kept checking their silent auction items -- the guys above were pretty cool, good music. I was intrigued by the 5 gallon plastic pail single string bass being played above (which sounded pretty good).


  1. Oh, I'm glad you got to go to that! I was actually at Tooley's yesterday afternoon with my family and peeked in as they were setting up. Wish I could have gone back because I really liked the bracelets made from bike tires and parts. Did you come away with anything?

  2. I think I'd like to have the train. Quite cool.

  3. Kim -- small world! I bid on several items, but didn't come away with anything, sigh. I resisted the urge to win at all cost... I really liked some of the clocks and a trash can made of welded chainrings and sprockets.

    GrannyJ -- one of the fun things was studying the pieces and trying to figure out what parts might actually be from a bike... some parts were obvious, some took some thought.


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