Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mandatory photo zone

I happened to pull up behind an Arizona Highway Patrol photo enforcement van Tuesday and thankfully had my camera next to me and was able to snap a photo in short order.

I'm not sure how long I actually had while in the Photo Enforcement zone to comply and take a picture... Of course I also made sure I had a safe film speed for the road conditions, no blurry focus, no red eyes, and certainly no flashing.

Arizona Department of Public Safety now has 42 of these vans snapping pictures and issuing tickets by mail to excessive speeders on state highways. For those of us with digital cameras, and I know this goes against the grain, its probably best to have your ISO speed at 200 or less when snapping a pic in an enforcement zone... Be sure to shutter like the rest of us when you get surprised by one of these zones. *smile*

[I won't get into the pros/cons of these camera enforcement zones, both mobile and fixed location. There are definitely some pluses and minuses.]


  1. Hilarious point of view for this creative post, Warren! Nice job.

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my thankful for mushrooming posts.

  2. first off, thanks for the smile, very humorous. As to lots of thoughts on that, absolutely! Probably easier on the cops than pulling folks over-but there might be other charges if they stopped the vehicle. On the other hand, I don't care for being vidoe'd at every stop sign. ;)

    I got behind a most likely google video truck one day and took awhile to realize those were cams pointed in every direction including me. All I could think of was "OMG-did I pick my nose?" LOL

  3. Went to phoenix on Friday night and must have seen at least 7 or 8 of these things along I-17 and 101.



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