Thursday, November 6, 2008

rock on, rock on rock, on rock on...

House this for parking a cair n the front yard?

This is the front yard of a house that was apparently the original location of the Tucson Botanical Gardens back in the '60s.


  1. You are so lucky, Warren -- Tucson appears to be chockablock full of weird, wonderful sights!

  2. I know someone that has a few of those in their yard, but that is A LOT! (reminds me of my book collection)

    PS-I read about a jogger in Prescott AZ running a mile with a rabid fox latched onto her arm-that's your area, isn't it? Eek.

  3. grannyj -- lucky indeed... but like you, it helps to keep one's eyes open when wandering around town!

    tree ocean -- the rabid fox was a couple of hundred miles north of where I live, although I have hiked that trail area. The Tucson area sometimes has problems with rabid bobcats.


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