Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#60 screening kangaroos with a mouse

Last weekend I tried out the RemoteCaptureDC software that comes with the Canon G9 point&shoot camera. This software controls some, not all, of the camera's functions from a USB connected computer. It provides a viewfinder window on the computer of what the camera sees, focus control, shutter button, an interval timer to take multiple pictures, storage of images directly to the attached computer, etc. Interesting possibilities...

The picture above is of my laptop screen with a picture of a library book in the background and the RemoteCaptureDC window on top of it. The RemoteCaptureDC window has a "viewfinder" window showing what the camera sees. Since my camera sees this window, including the window of what the camera sees, the kangaroo recursively hops into ever smaller frames.

I think I may use these features sometime to take time lapse photos at longer intervals and higher resolution than the G9's time lapse movie feature, and perhaps also try locating the camera very close to a birdfeeder and focusing/tripping the shutter from further away...

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