Sunday, November 16, 2008

a few more 4th Avenue images...


  1. I loooove that last mural...hadn't seen it before, but will have to go look for it.

  2. Kim -- I really like the shadow off the wings. This is on the south wall of Magpies Pizza.

  3. the shadow makes it look very three dimensional!

  4. Hi Warren,
    I came upon your blog by chance, and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your photography very much. Especially those of desert flora and landscapes.

    Best wishes in your endeavours,
    Füsun Atalay

  5. tree ocean -- if it weren't for the electrical conduit, it would really look like it wasn't on a flat wall

    Fusun Atalay -- thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving a comment!

  6. I would love to share some of your work on a Facebook page dedicated to Blue Glass. You have created several pieces that I know many would love. Please let me know if this is okay. Thanks for sharing your amazing art.


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