Saturday, June 7, 2008

hoodwinked (or did it?)

This is a truck parked outside Ned & Su Egen's welded sculptures and hand wovens studio east of the UofA. In the future I'll post some pictures of some of the very large works of art in their yard. Click pics for larger images...

[I keep forgetting to refer folks over to Amber's great photos of a large moving sculpture called "Metalmorphasis" that she posted some time back -- amazing sculpture! Lynette over at the Portland Oregon Daily Photo blog as posted some great pictures of several U.S. navy ships arriving and docking. Also, grannyj over at the Walking Prescott blog has some great bird photos from her recent Louisiana trip.]


  1. Warren-- you're finding too many good things! I'd love to have several of those lovely insects to add to my collection!

  2. grannyj -- thanks for the feedback!


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