Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oregon Street Art

There is a lot of great street art around Oregon. I'll share a few favorites from my recent trip:

Fauna of a park in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon

A weathered couple wandering the streets of Depoe Bay, Oregon

Flying Whales in Newport, Oregon

Coast Guard Helicopter in Newport, Oregon

Tile mural built on multiple staggered large concrete steps in Toledo, Oregon. It looks two-dimensional, but actually has three dimensions and parts shift perspective as you walk past it (e.g. those road centerline segments aren't necessarily in line, depending on where you are standing). Very cool.


  1. Very, very cool stuff, Warren. I especially like the #1 critter which is almost an elephant, but it leaves me scratching my head.

  2. granny j -- thanks! Yep, #1 is an intersting creature... camelephant? :)

  3. Very Nice Pictures Warren... Glad you were here. I hope you had a nice trip.

  4. anonymous -- thanks, I had a wonderful time! Very relaxing, very scenic, good time with friends.


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