Saturday, April 12, 2008

The final days of Magic Carpet Golf

This is a closed miniature golf place that wasn't maintained very well the last few years that it was open, but was a Tucson landmark for over 30 years. Even closed, weedy, and with peeling paint, the campy wire and concrete creatures have a certain eye appeal. A car dealership recently purchased the land; people with fond childhood memories have found homes for many of these pieces to find new life elsewhere in town.

I think the monkey's tail used to swing back and forth to interfere with a put...

Spider obstacle?

Another swinging tail, and that ain't no bull!

Like a fish out of water...

hmmm, well the body looks like an ostrich anyway...

I wonder if the ball traveled into the snake's mouth and the exited the tail? I think some of these type of miniature golf obstacles used to have mechanisms to do things like that?

Sign of the times?

I read that the kon-tiki feature is going to a restaurant somewhere down on fourth avenue...

Not sure what else is back in there, these were the only shots I could get from outside the fenced no-trespassing area.


  1. Lovely, lovely street art, Warren. I hope it all finds a home, a home where many can view the Stuff.

  2. I think that it's wonderful that you got these photos of such a memorable place for so many. I certainly enjoyed looking and reading.


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