Wednesday, April 16, 2008

#19 read up on the Electoral College

I've been home sick with a bad cold the last two days. Since misery loves company, I decided to read up on the Electoral College methods of electing our President and Vice President. I've been a critic of the current method as not being representative of me, an individual voter.

Having now read "The Electoral College" on the Federal Election Commission's web site and the Wikipedia page on "Electoral College (United States)", I realize there are more issues in play than just going to a popular vote (sigh). So I won't whine quite as much about it anymore. *smile*

I probably (I hope!) learned how the Electoral College works back in High School and have just forgotten the specifics. A good reminder to myself to spend some time researching things of which I'm critical...

I am still frustrated with how the major parties (and many news outlets) try to polarize everyone into either RED or BLUE categories to help maintain or increase their political party's clout (and ratings). I believe that there are a significant number of issues that most people could reach reasonable consensus on if we weren't all being purposely polarized against each other and the good of the people, the country, and the world.

OK, enough politics. Just posting this since it counts as a new thing on a sneezy day...

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  1. Good point. check out www.commoncause.iorg/nationalpopularvote to learn how we can change this


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