Saturday, April 26, 2008

one last round on the magic carpet

Two weeks ago I posted some pictures taken from the fence of the defunct Magic Carpet Golf miniature golf course. The car dealership that purchased the land has allowed people to try to save some of the figures, and today there was a fund raiser for the Valley of the Moon which is going to take some of the objects. Volunteers cleaned up the place and actually put fresh paint on things. This was a great last-chance for people to come out and put a few rounds with their kids, or just take some pictures. Based on the number of people there at 11 am this morning, I'm guessing they are going to have a very successful fundraiser between then and 11 pm tonight. The parking lot was completely full. Good for them!

This snake was very faded two weeks ago, now sports fresh paint.

Unfortunately the stairs to the top of the Tiki head were locked, so I couldn't go up there to get a overall shot of all the people below.


I can tell that this place is old if this is how they used to google the web!

4/30/08 Update: Today's morning news reported that the Saturday fundraiser (above) raised $15,000 to assist in the relocation of some of the creatures before they are leveled for the future parking lot. Its nice to see what can be done when a community and business (in this case the Chapman car dealership) can come together.

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