Friday, April 11, 2008

More pics of tile mural in Toledo, Oregon

I think my earlier post of the above picture of a tile mural didn't quite do justice to it, so here are a few closer pictures which I hope will capture the feel of it better...

Here you can see the actual tile work making up the train. The horizontal lines are actually big concrete steps rising about 3 feet each and each dropping back about 3 feet from the previous one respectively. Since the panels aren't on a flat wall, the alignment of the pictures changes as people drive or walk past it, with only one viewing position showing that picture aligned "properly".

For example, from where I was standing for the above shot, the yellow center lines are in a single line...

But from this vantage point, they are no longer aligned. You can also see that from this angle the man is not only misaligned left-to-right, but also front-to-back! Pretty neat design concept that someone had, I think.

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