Wednesday, June 24, 2009

so you think you can dance?

I've heard of jumping cacti before, but dancing? Spotted on the side of Tumamoc Hill yesterday, dancing to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" music... Certainly has enough spine to stand up to the judge's comments.


  1. Very nice! I can see this two ways; as one entity doing a back kick, and two, both armlesss-the top you can see the face, doing splits, resting on the foot of one whose head is in the sand. LOL. LOVE your new title pic!


  2. Tree -- ha! good eye, I didn't see that possibility!

    Jen -- thanks!

  3. This has got to be the neatest thing anyone's come across to photograph in the desert! Thanks for getting it for us!

  4. Lynette -- thanks, you are quite welcome!

  5. I mostly see an ice skater wearing a big cowboy hat but I can see it other ways too. Great find, fun post!


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