Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Walking past this traffic light in Prescott (NE corner Gurley & McCormick), I blinked twice thinking I had a small hare in my eye...

Sure enough, someone had painted a very small rabbit at the base of this pole. I was impressed with the subtleties of this art, not unlike passing a barely noticed real rabbit when out hiking.

We could all use more hidden art like this in our communities.

Why do rabbits see us and bolt?

If you click to enlarge the above picture, you will find a real insect hiding itself among the disruptive background of the rabbit fur.


  1. Another nice find. At first I thought it was stencil graffiti but the close-up shows all those fine details. That little bug sure blends in. I like the hare and bolt jokes. :)

  2. I would love to see the reaction of a leg lifting dog when it saw that bunny there...:D


  3. ha! great find. I love your 'bolt' Connection. :)

  4. Diane C -- thanks, the insect was yet another object that I didn't see first hand, but only saw after I got the picture up on the computer. Amazing.

    Tree -- More disturbing to be the bunny in that situation!

    Jen -- thanks! I wasn't sure what to say to the rabbit with its nice fur coat... so I just said "nice threads"... :^)


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