Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bluegrass on green grass

I got a chance to drop by the Prescott Bluegrass Festival this weekend while visiting my mother. The downtown courthouse plaza was a really nice venue for this event with plenty of shady grass.

My favorite part was listening to musicians jamming in informal groups away from the main stage and headliners. Really great music.

The crowd above was on the north side of the courthouse listening to the headliner groups playing on the main stage. Great musicians here too, but I liked the "unplugged" sounds of the informal pickup groups on the other side of the courthouse.

I took a bunch of snaps of other objects of interest while in Prescott. I'll be posting them over the next few days... Stay tuned for the incredible Granite Creek Dragon!


  1. Nice post, Warren. I sent a link to it to my cousin, who is a bluegrass musician in Billings, Montana.

  2. Catalyst -- thanks, it was a fun event, great tunes.


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