Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#22 Yavapai College Sculpture Garden

I went up to Prescott to visit my mother for Mother's Day and took her out to a Symphony Orchestra concert at the Yavapai College Performance Hall. I spent a lot of time hanging out at Yavapai College back in Junior High and High School, but not much since leaving Prescott. I have to say I'm impressed with how it is today -- very nice campus layout, a really nice and modern performing arts hall, and a lot of cool sculptures in a peaceful sculpture garden.

The Orchestra performed the world premier of a piece entitled "Whiskey Row" which was a reflection on the street full of saloons called Whiskey Row burning down back when the old west was young. During the performance they projected historic photographs from the Sharlot Hall Museum of the actual fire, complete with pictures of the saloon patrons who had dragged a bar and several barrels of booze across the street to safety where they could continue imbibing while watching the buildings burn to the ground. A nice piece of music set to an interesting part of Prescott's history.

Here are a few nice examples of some of the pieces in the college sculpture garden. Well worth a stop if you are passing through Prescott.

This flagstone sculpture was one of my favorites. The piece changes dramatically as you walk around and through it, full of uniform and irregular surfaces and changing perspectives.

And driving out Iron Springs Road we were surprised to see how far back in time we had traveled...
We passed a house with a LOT of large and small metal dinosaurs spread out over their yard. I took pictures, but decided to search the Walking Prescott blog and sure enough, "grannyj" had found this place back in 2006 and taken a bunch of pictures here with her daughter and granddaughter in the pictures for scale (no pun intended). Check out her pictures of these very cool animal sculptures here. Very, very cool way to decorate a large natural property and an unexpected surprise to find while driving around.


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  2. Thanks for the link, Warren. Looks like the sculpture garden has a new piece

  3. grannyj -- if you are referring to the first picture, that sculpture is located out in front of the performance hall -- not sure how long it has been there.


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