Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Reading Tree

This interesting metal sculpture can be found at the Oro Valley Library (Oro Valley is a town in northwest Tucson Metro). The tree grows out of a large book which is about 12 feet wide.

The mountains in the background are the west face of the Santa Catalinas which border Tucson (you see the south face in most of my pictures). The book does indeed have text, good words, good advice...

"The more you read, the more you know;
the more you know, the more you grow"

"The smarter you grow, the stronger your voice;
when speaking your mind, or making your choice"

Really nice design. The leaves catch the light nicely. And somewhat to my surprise, when I first walked up to the sculpture two real birds flew out of it!

[Links -- I recently discovered another Tucson area blog that has some great pictures of the Tucson area. I recommend taking a few minutes to check out the blog Sabino Canyon.]


  1. Wow love it! Of course! :) Tree.

  2. Tree -- thought you might relate to that tree, Tree. :)

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog. Somehow I missed the reading tree sculpture when I visited Oro Valley Library. With all those leaves, looks like it was a lot of work to build. I wonder if real birds ever try to make a nest in it.

  4. Diane -- its along the southeast side of the library, if you are facing the library entrance, its around to the right... I'm guessing they wanted the Catalina Mountains as a visual backdrop and/or were concerned about lightning :^)

  5. Greetings Warren-
    I just found you via Diane's blog.
    We just purchased in Oro Vly (snowbirds) so I see I must now get to the library too!
    Looking forward to coming back here and learning more from you about our new home. :)
    We have been to the botanical gardens and the sonoran desert museum...great places and I'm sure we will go again.

  6. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Tucson area! One place that I'd recommend stopping by when you all are out and about is the Ted DeGrazia gallery in north Tucson ( Its even free! I've got some pictures in my blog...


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