Sunday, March 15, 2009

hidden overhead

I usually just blow on past the shade ramadas at the parking lot of Sabino Canyon when I go for a hike. Last week I happened to walk under one of the ramadas and noticed for the first time a bunch of tile mosaics under the roof beams recognizing donors (portions of mosaics above). Looks like they are done in the Santa Theresa style -- lots of individually crafted small tiles set in grout. Nicely done.

As usual, click on individual pictures for close look...


  1. As usual, Warren, you found something quite amazing!

  2. grannyj -- thanks, this was kind of an unusual place to find these... The snaps were taken holding my camera above my head to try to get straight-on shots.

  3. We never did get to do the Amerind Foundation. I am sure that both there and Texas Canyon would allow for more of this wonderful photography.

  4. Amazing tile work-looks like a painting. Hard to see the grout. I would love to make this! What fun!

  5. Anonymous -- yep, definitely need to visit both places when things settle down a bit.

    tree ocean -- It is a cool way of doing tile work, from a distance this style looks like it could be a single large tile and then when you get closer you can see the individual pieces set in grout.


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