Wednesday, March 18, 2009

no effects reflects

I saw the building reflection above while in downtown Phoenix today, one of the best building reflection effects that I've seen. The actual building being reflected (below) has narrow vertical windows.

No mirror effects here, this is literally just pointing my camera skyward and snapping the picture. Great building design, enhanced by the placement of the palms.

This building somehow seems to catch different reflections in each of its windows.

closer view of one of the window reflections... really looks like framed art and yet its just a mirrored window... amazing.

textured reflection

I kept my car parked today and rode the new light rail into downtown Phoenix for my class. Very nice. Similar to San Jose and Portland light rails. Easy to use -- there are ticket kiosks at each stop where you can buy various types and durations of passes. An unlimited day pass runs $2.50. I think they are on the right track here with transit and the revitalization of downtown Phoenix.


  1. I used to live just a couple of blocks from that first building. We used to call it the IBM card building. Nice photos.

  2. Great post and photos...I really like the first one...when I was in Phoenix last I rode the lightrail from Tempe downtown for the First Friday art festival. It was so great! No having to find parking and it only took 20 minutes...about the same as driving. I hope they build a lot more lines.

  3. Catalyst -- ha, it does look like a punch card!

    Kim -- I completely agree, I hope they build more lines. I think it is a great concept that works well.

  4. I looked at the first two pictures in that wonderful set of reflections & said, 'Oh, the Hollerith card building." Oh, so clever, GJ -- but I guess everyone said the same thing!

  5. grannyj -- I certainly see the Hollerith card symbolism, but to me it also looks like it could be raindrops...


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