Sunday, June 8, 2008

#29 Reid Park Zoo

Have you ever had a place to visit in your own town that you just never get around to visiting? For me, its been the Reid Park Zoo -- a smallish Zoo located in central Tucson. I've been out to the larger zoo west of Tucson (the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum) that specializes in animals of the sonoran desert many, many times, but never Reid Park. So this morning I grabbed an iced coffee and visited the zoo. Actually quite nice -- since its not focused on sonoran desert creatures, there are lots of trees and water features. The male peacocks were in full display today while the hens watched over their chicks.

If you're a polar bear and live in Tucson, this is the way to spend your day!

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  1. How does a polar bear end up in a zoo in Tuscon? Oh well -- I've seen them in San Diego, so I guess not that different. Just feels like they should not be anywhere below a certain latitude!


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