Sunday, June 29, 2008

#33 snow chains for a 103 degree day (1/2)

A good use for snow chains, in June, in the desert!

I finally visited Ted De Grazia's Gallery in the Sun in the Tucson foothills. wow. wow. I'm impressed. Growing up in Arizona I've been a little familiar with De Grazia's work, in particular his paintings of angels, and news back in the late 70's when he took a hundred of his paintings up to a cave to burn them in protest of inheritance taxes on works of art. But not much more than that...

A while back Tucson blogger's Alanna and Tad described their trip to Gallery in the Sun and their pictures looked like it might be an interesting place to visit. So, as a new thing (#33), I went to visit the Gallery today. Very, very neat art, buildings, and general peaceful ambiance. And completely free! I asked a woman in the gift shop how they were funded, and she said they basically operate off interest of De Grazia's past art sales. So some type endowment. [Ted De Grazia passed away back in 1982].

rustic structures on the walkway from parking area...

a great location with the Santa Catalina Mountains in the background

from the outside the gallery appears deceptively small -- its not

many rooms inside with hundreds of pieces of art... Each room has its own unique textures (walls, floors, ceilings). A combination of natural and artificial lighting. Very friendly, peaceful, welcoming environment. DeGrazia build his gallery in a style so that "his paintings would feel good inside" -- he succeeded, and then some.

my favorite view down the main gallery -- reminds me of Anasazi doorways in some of the ancient ruins... Check out the floor path going back, that's apparently cholla cactus wood cuttings placed in concrete. Very neat.

closer view of cactus wood floor

one room invites you to stay while the next invites you in

one of my favorites, a representation of an old story of a person drilling wood into the side of the rock walls to reach a high up cave

another favorite, great colors! more pictures of today's visit to be posted in part II.

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