Friday, June 27, 2008

#32 ate at the Little Poca Cosa

I had a day off from work today and decided to go downtown and eat lunch at the Little Poca Cosa cafe. I've been meaning to eat there for years, but they are only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays, so it just hasn't happened.

One of my favorite Tucson restaurants is the larger Cafe Poca Cosa restaurant which is open for lunch & dinner, and open Saturdays. Great food at both!

The Little Poca Cosa cafe was forced by Homeland Security in 2003 to relocate from its prior location downtown in a building that was considered too close to a federal courthouse and therefore a threat (I kid you not).

After finding a parking space, I walked some streets that I haven't walked before and saw some new sights! One was a cool sculpture in a wall at a bus stop -- full of gears and pipes.

I was surprised to see this mural -- quite different from the usual "southwestern style" murals usually found around town.

and over on Toole avenue, yet another cool mural. I'll submit both of these photos to the Tucson Mural Project for their growing collection of Tucson mural pictures.

[Links: Amber has posted a fun picture she found of puppy love. I'll never look at my stove the same after reading Experiments in Free Association - part II]

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