Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Lily cacti

I dropped by Mesquite Valley Growers nursery today to pick up a few fresh patio plants and found that their Easter Lily cacti were in bloom.

I was watching a TV show the other day and heard a plant person say that the only color flower that you can't find on a cactus is blue. Anyone know if that's the case? I don't think I've seen a blue one...

Talk about a crown of color!

They have a nice selection of fountains. I'd like to add a fountain someday to my backyard. I've gotten rid of a small patch of grass around my patio and am trying to figure out what I want to do with things there.

This is one of several varieties of catclaw found at the nursery. They don't seem too serious about selling them... Seems they are always found at a different location than the last time I visited, and then often out of the way. This fellow was resting behind a bunch of pots. Seems like a great place to be a mouser / guard cat / greeter.


  1. What beautiful blooming cactus, Warren! It must have been hard to make a decision about which one(s) to take home. I like that red fountain.

    Thanks for your visit. Yes, we're exceedingly fortunate to have such a market available to us. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about all of the fantastic stuff I've found here in Portland, but then I get over it and enjoy all of it that I possibly can!

  2. Wonderful photos! Love the cats eye there too.
    I like the fountain with all the leaf-like shapes, & shallow dish.

  3. Great photos! Thanks for the kind words. Sagis is getting better. I'm still syringe feeding him and giving him his medicine, but he is slowly getting better.


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