Thursday, April 16, 2009

weeding, whiting, withnotick

This is one of the many volunteer plants or weeds that were in my yard back in March. Most of them are actually pretty interesting plants, just a little too prolific to let run loose.


  1. I agree that weeds can be very interesting. I love dandelions...they are so pretty and you can eat them...just a bit over abundant.

    Thanks for entering my give-away! :)

  2. I think weeds are a lot like house sparrows. There are so many of them that its easy to take them for granted and find them in the way, but if they were rare everyone would be crowded around them with magnifying glasses and binoculars ooohing and ahhing...

  3. I've got oodles of "weed" pictures just waiting for the right moment to post! I've discovered that there are a lot of plants that look "weedy" when all kinds are mixed together, but when one sort is present, it turns into a garden-worthy plant.

    PS -- your Jabberwocky word today is:
    lutchevd which is how one talks about the noon meal with a code in the hed.

  4. grannyj -- Looking forward to seeing your weed pictures. I've got to get ready for the city's semi-annual "big brush pickup", lots of weeding to do, especially in the alley, maybe I'll find something photo worthy to share.


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