Friday, April 17, 2009

chasing butterflies

I dropped in on Tucson Botanical Gardens again today while out running errands. I wanted to see what new types of butterflies they might have flying around in their exhibit. Here are a few snaps I took today. Amazing patterns and camouflage! As usual, you can click on pics to get a little closer view.

This one was interesting. It appears to have lines in its pattern that make it look like legs on this side of the butterfly.

Pretty cool yellow/orange tips on the antenae. They almost look like hot glowing metal pokers pulled from a blacksmith's forge.

This is a "Dead Leaf" butterfly. Wings closed (above) it really does look like a dead leaf. Wings open (below) its quite colorful.


  1. Wow those are amazing! Too bad the kids are sleeping I will have to come back tomorrow so they can see them.

    We get one or two of those-Tiger swallowtail and admiral, I think-the rest I have only seen in my field guide and your pix are better.

    Whenever I try to get a butterfly pic they see me coming and fly away-great job! Tree

  2. anon is so right about the problem with photographing butterflies! I have a yellow swallow tail every year that patrols in front of my house; I've never yet been able to take a picture of it! As for your collection, BEA-YOU-TIFUL!!!

    PS -- Jabberwocky meme note: your captcha word today is audenta. Those are the teeth in your ears.

  3. tree & grannyj -- thanks for the comments!

    Trust me, its way easier chasing butterflies in an enclosed greenhouse like this than out in a field. Still, a few were so active that I could never get a good pic of them.


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