Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gambel's Quail

wowsa, I've really fallen behind in blog posts over the last few weeks. One of those periods of time where other life challenges have had to take priority for a bit...

Tucson has been having some really nice, albeit unusual, weather the last few few days. Our temperature is above normal by about 10 degrees, and we are getting clouds and some very light rain at times. The kind of weather usually not seen until July when the heavy thunderstorms arrive from the south. Great morning/evening patio weather!

The picture above is a Gambel's Quail traversing my backyard wall this morning.


  1. He's a handsome fella! Don't you just love this weather? A much need break from the 100 degrees last week.

  2. That's a great photo. We used to have many of them out in back of a place we lived near Clarkdale.

  3. Missed you! But your photos are too good-makes me feel like a masochist to view them! Ow! LOL.

  4. kim -- I agree, the weather right now is perfect!

    catalyst -- good looking birds indeed, I always enjoy seeing a covey of them pass by.

    tree -- thanks!


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