Sunday, September 30, 2012

GLOW 2012 at Triangle L Ranch (2 of 2)

 Interactive art was the name of the game in this art piece at last Friday night's GLOW festival in Oracle.  Touching various places on the panel adjusted the colors displayed.  This piece was an eye catcher even from a distance.

 Jellyfish hanging out in the Sonoran desert.  This exhibit also has a hidden voice talking to visitors that was very well done, funny.

Melted bottles were used to form this flat stained glass panel.  Illuminated from the back with christmas lights.

OK when walking the path at GLOW, but not sure I would want to see this if I was out on a real trail!

 This was an overhead projector, catching the shapes and flow of a continuous stream of water running down the plate below the light on the projected.  Very effective in motion.  I'd like to see it with possible a blue gel filter between the light and water panel.

Another one of the night's artist's working with things that glow...   She was making some really nice candle holders out of metal food cans by cutting/melting away parts of the can to make interesting shapes and designs.  They would place a colored glass tea light holder inside of each finished holder which would cast a subtle colored light through the designs.  Nice!

This is one that I purchased, you can see how its got a pretty elaborate design that casts interesting shadows.

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  1. Wow, what a fun festival! I am mesmerized by the jelly fish, the melted bottle panel and the "out of this world" flowers and the projected flowing water would be cool to watch.


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