Sunday, September 30, 2012

GLOW 2012 at Triangle L Ranch (1 of 2)

The annual GLOW night art festival was held this weekend out at the Triangle L Ranch in Oracle Arizona.  I made it out there Friday night and enjoyed wandering around the many eclectic night art pieces under the full moon and listening to some great music.  It was also a great opportunity to work on trying to improve my lowlight, no flash, photography skills.

A beautiful patch of glow, out of this world, flowers and plants

This was pretty cool, a giant rotating chandelier made of plastic baskets, colanders, funnels, bowls, etc.

This group of arts students were fundraising by selling "toast your own" marshmallows.  Great idea!

Several blacksmiths were working their craft, adding a spark to the evening.

One of the bands performing during the night was Mitzi Cowell.  I sat through and enjoyed her entire set -- I've enjoyed her music for many years.

This was pretty neat -- two people could hold a pair of hand grips on each side of the drum which would determine their heartbeats and automatically beat the the respective drumstick to the beat of their own heart.

I'll post a 2nd set of pictures later in the week.  But for the impatient or anyone who wants to see my full set of GLOW 2012 pictures in a full screen slideshow format, you can go see them on flickr (click the lower right expansion box to expand slideshow to full screen):

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