Monday, September 3, 2012

Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run 2012

I got up very early this morning to hike across part of Saguaro National Park before sunrise.  

I had a particular place that I wanted to be to try my hand at taking runner pictures for the 2012 Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run.   The 8 mile paved loop road starts and ends at one location only, there would be 100's of people at the start/finish line, and the race starts at sunrise.  Hence the couple of mile trek across the desert listening to curved bill thrashers singing to the moon while I watched jack rabbits impersonate kangaroos in the dim morning light.

I took a different trail back to my car, this time in full sun.

So...   This was my first time taking pictures of runners in a timed event.   I tried out several things in my photo taking -- some worked out very well, others, not so much.  I learned a lot, which is one of the reasons I enjoy taking pictures at events.

I really enjoyed getting out early in the morning and putting in several miles of trail before and after the shoot.  My route was relatively flat, the loop that the runners took, not so much...  I used to bike that loop frequently and it certainly has some hills!

Congratulations to all my friends who ran it!

UPDATE -->  I've now uploaded 155 runner pictures of the 2012 Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run to Flickr where they can be viewed individually or as a slide show.


  1. Really cool shots, you found some beautiful areas to photograph the runners! I especially like the cholla forest in the 2nd to the last. I was at the Saguaro Run too as a spectator.

    1. thanks Diane, I really like that picture too, kind of wish I had take more shots there in that light.

  2. Thanks for taking such great pictures of us running!


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