Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phainopepla on a wall

I really like this parking lot mural in downtown Tucson that features a Phainopepla, a local bird that I occasionally see flycatching from trees in my backyard.

Speaking of things that fly, you've got to check out this YouTube video of some impressive synchronized kite flying set to music.  I suggest watching all the way to the end.


  1. You're right. That is a cool mural. Love that bird....very interesting color of eye and feather. In winter they sit eating the mistletoe watching their little patches making sure other Phainopepla don't invade their stash:) Beautiful bird.

  2. Beautiful mural. But that kite flyer is a true artist. What talent!

  3. Wow...so beautiful. Is that one gentleman controlling all three kites?


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