Friday, June 4, 2010

the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ) 4/4

I'm wrapping up my pics of The Musical Instrument Museum with this post -- my goal is not to create a catalog of all 10,000 musical instruments on display at The MIM, but to provide a sampling for my readers who can't make it there and to encourage anyone who can to go visit this great new museum in Phoenix.

Wildcat fans anyone? Lute, Lute, Lute, Lute! ;^)

I remember seeing Pat Metheny play a similar, but different, very complex stringed guitar/harp/whatever in a concert some years back -- amazing.

seems like just about the time you finished tuning you would be starting again?

Large tuned chimes, each about 2 inches thick!

yep, 12 ft high, and yet playable! levers on the top left of the body control bars that pull into the strings along the neck as the player stands on the platform.

"The Phoenix" a very slowly rotating bronze sculpture in the courtyard with guitar-like strings coming down from the wings.

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