Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marshall Gulch Hike

ok, so Tucson's hot right now. So I headed up Mt Lemmon (immediately north of Tucson) today for an hours drive that would place me in pine trees and cooler temps for a short hike.

Who said fireworks can't be green? At least that's what these look like to me.

These creatures look like they would be right at home swimming around in the ocean somewhere.

But instead they flutter around the forest...

Totally missed this log on the way up to Marshall Saddle, but got a chuckle out of it on the way back down -- sometimes it pays off to retrace a trail looking the other direction versus doing a one-way loop.

entering the burn zone from the big forest fire a few years back...

This tree looked like it had made an image of the fire as it burnt.

Very interesting burn patterns. I'm guessing that the gaps in the bark had higher amounts of sap oozing out to ignite? Bizarre burn patterns.

The past and the future


  1. Thanks for sharing your hike photojournal! It really pains me to see the burnt tree can you imagine the heat driving the sap out as it burned...?

  2. tree -- indeed -- some of those trees are trees I've hiked past 30+ years ago, sigh. But its good to see things growing again, althought it will take a long time.

  3. What wonderful photos you took on your hike, Warren. I think the tree bark ones resemble the cat, don't you?


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