Thursday, June 3, 2010

the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ) 3/4

Very large vertical and horizontal log slot drums, nicely carved!

ok, my low light pic doesn't do this justice... this was cool - an instrument to be played by four people at once: harp like strings, a vertical neck strings, kalimba like section, and drum section (click pic for better view)

exploded view of a Steinway

one of several harp or harp-like instruments on display

Fender certainly deserves a section in a musical instrument museum

even though a few exhibits were still being developed, it didn't detract from the visit whatsoever... just another good reason to come back again

If you can tune a steel drum...
... you can individually tune a collection of cans as well

another large carved slot drum


  1. I especially like the Jamaican harp, the Steinway sections and the tin can drums, but everything looks fascinating.

  2. love musical instruments and have my own little collection. Do you play, warren?

  3. @Diane -- it really is amazing, hope you can get up there for a visit!

    @tree -- yep, these days my main interest is in world wooden/clay flutes of various sorts. I've got a number of native american style flutes of various keys and designs.


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